Remote Community Manager and Content Planner For Real Estate Agents

@BrandMyAgent_OG is looking to hire full-time, effective immediately, the most driven, enthusiastic, creative, and experienced Community Manager & Content Planner for real estate agents to join our remote team of Real Estate Marketing Geniuses.
Your role will be to research, plan, post, and deploy high-value social media content across all the relevant platforms for our Real Estate clients (mainly Luxury Real Estate Agents) together with our expert team of media buyers, copywriters, graphic&video designers, web designers & project managers.
(Our client types: Luxury Real Estate, Real Estate Brands, Luxury Realtors, Real Estate Teams, Brokerages, Developers, etc)
This is going to be, quite literally, the biggest career-growth opportunity you will face in your life. Please take the time to read the description carefully and apply ASAP. We look forward to meeting you soon. . .
You would be joining our team as a member of the content creation and community department and you will become the leader community manager. You will be involved in marketing our client’s brands and services (Real Estate Agents, mostly in the luxury Real Estate space in the U.S.) as well as be involved in developing our CEO’s – – brand, websites, funnels, etc to the next level. You are expected to become a game-changer in the way we do business and most importantly, market our clients across social media and paid advertising.
For our clients type of content see @alexanderteam , @rohhabibi , @luxury_listings and @therealdeal on instagram as reference.
For content expectations, see @curaytor, @tomferry, @ryanserhant, @gratncardone, @edmylett, @therealbradlea, and @hormozi as references on Instagram.
Only apply if you are an experienced Luxury Real Estate content planner and community manager or if you have the passion and willingness to become one (extra points for Clickfunnels experience!)
This job is for you if you consider yourself crazy passionate about planning, researching and leading a team to create award winning social media accounts and content, if you are extremely detail-oriented, and are willing to continue learning to become not good but the absolute BEST in doing Real Estate social content and work alongside a team to deliver 10X results to our growing clientele.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of working on a fast-growing marketing startup. Here, you’ll always have a saying, immense career growth potential, and a family-like environment. We look forward to helping you become a household leader within the company overall and even with the relationships with the clients.
We don’t only want the content you post and plan to look awesome and luxurious but we care even more that they’re set up in a way that will add value to our clients’s audiences and our own. You will not only be posting on one platform but will dominate every social media channel available and useful to us and our clients, you’ll be a total professional with our guidance and so much more creative amazing stuff goes on in your role!
This is a tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity, and we will only invest our time, resources, and money into someone with a long-term vision that is eager to grow with us for many years to come and develop a career within our team.
We expect outstanding performance, which demands detail-oriented, strategic, and creative thinkers with the drive and dedication to impact their client’s business and millions of people at a time through your content planning, community management skills, ideas, creativity, attention to detail, resourcefulness, and passion!
Your role will be a key resource for each account and is expected to support the team in strategy, education, and leadership.

You must understand, we are not looking for ’employees’, you will play a role as important as the CEO’s, either you’re ready to stand up and own it 1000% and go all-in with us, or please do not submit an application at this time.


With gratitude and excitement to meet you and work together,

– Oswaldo Gutierrez,

CEO and Founder,

Brand My Agent.

IG –



Additional Information:

  • This position is full-time.
  • This position requires an initial paid internship time of  1 month depending on your performance.
  • Huge career development opportunities.
  • This position is mainly remote, although we provide assistance to relocate into Mexico City or another country of your liking for the opportunity of meeting and/or working in person.
  • Salary: $750—$1,500 dollars per month

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